UNI-0008R1 Take a seat in it to game without pain.

The king of gaming chairs. If you’re looking for a no-compromise gaming throne that looks, feels and even smells expensive, this is it.

From the crossed thatch embroidery adorning the lower back position to the red logo on the seat, it’s the fine details that will make you want to drag strangers passing by outside to your home just to show it off.

This beautiful piece of German engineering is surprisingly quick and easy to assemble, considering the trouble we had putting some other chairs together on this list, which is due to its quality parts and solid construction from top to bottom.

Just be very careful not to put your hands near the metal seat mechanism before you attach the backrest, as accidental pressure from that lever is capable of cutting off a finger or two. Read the instructions well, folks.

Once assembled, the chair is a dream to sit in. A combination of durable leather, a sturdy metal frame, and cold, high-density foam upholstery contribute to its comfort levels, whether sitting upright or reclined in its full 17-degree position.

If we have any complaints, they are directed at its polyurethane armrests that feel a bit substandard considering the superior quality found everywhere else. Oh, and make sure your room is large enough to give the Epic Real Leather breathing room – this sizeable gaming chair is not suitable for cubicle-sized dens.