Unigamer Factory 1

The essence

Who we are

We are Foshan Unique Furniture Co. Ltd.

Although we started manufacturing by producing chair spare parts in 2005, we are leading IDH, OEM, and ODM for office furniture equipment where we can provide innovations for the global eSports industry.
We are also known by the code name “Unigamer” and our core business is building gaming chairs, gaming desks and other equipment and devices for OEM brands, ODM brands, White Label brands, Private Label brands, eSports teams, Influencers and consumers around the world.
We have 3 factories in different areas of Guangdong province (with a new factory under development) and we are among the leading manufacturers in this industry, with different independent assembly lines and different warehouses.
These are well-equipped facilities and high-quality control at all stages of production that enable us to guarantee full customer satisfaction. Our technical R&D team has more than 30 engineers, with more than 500 employees.

Our key Features

Gaming is one of the most interesting activities that can embrace people


Our Mission

It is to create a “Unique Chair for a Unique Player”. We clearly position our market at the highest level, and we strive to build premium-class furniture to give our customers the best solutions. That’s why we pay attention to the gaming experience and feedback from our global partners. We have to care about mechanical conception, art and design, development, production and technical service to customers


Our Goals

Create and contribute to the best gaming ecosystem;
Guarantee of full customer satisfaction;


Why Us?

We contribute to democratizing access to good ergonomic equipment, at a fair price. People can have a comfortable desk and chair experience at a good price.
Important note: We should remember that we are part of the board as a strategic partner of WESCO, CECC China eSports Committee, and China University Esports League.

We aim to make

Happy People

The human being is at the centre of the whole production and user experience. We can be anyone, anywhere. We carry out experimental simulations to improve our products, without neglecting the care for our workers and our customers.

Drive Amazing Experiences

We study our products from interactions to the smallest detail. We are fatter or thinner, taller or shorter, with a short/long arm and a shorter/long leg, or even have a shorter arm and a longer leg. Furthermore, we can live in places with more heat and humidity, or we can live in places where the cold is dry.
It is important to test and make products with resistance and quality to have more happy people.


Our History

Workers Team

Every step counts…

The story of our company starts long before it appears as a company, it starts with a friendship.

Mr Lu is a designer from Foshan city and has more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. He has always enjoyed playing computer games and has worked cooperatively with various companies. However, he always kept a dream, wishing to one day create a chair with unique mechanisms and design, providing extreme comfort to people.

One day, at a mutual friend’s party, he met Mr. Zhao a computer engineer who was suffering from back pain because he had to sit in front of a screen for many hours a day at his job. Mr Lu felt it was his duty to make a chair for people like Mr Zhao and spent a few months trying to perfect the details and balance in a chair like this. While holding close conversations with Mr Zhao, he gave birth to the design of the first chair.

Over the next few years, they continued to develop the design and decided to start their own business career (2005) and begin manufacturing chair parts to sell to other companies in the Chinese domestic market. They strived to solve mechanical problems for people who suffered from fatigue and wanted efficient access to chair control and adjustments. Ergonomics With the success of selling mechanical chair parts, which is still one of the companies we still operate in the Unigamer group, they decided to take the leap and establish the first production line of office and gaming chairs (2014). After more years, they also decided to produce office and gaming tables based on the new IDH, OEM and ODM services. The success was such that now many brands (world-famous from the USA, European countries and Asian countries) are working with us (UNIGAMER). These brands develop and manufacture their own products, relying on our working methodologies and production efficiency. “We listen and respect the demands of our partners, and we will be increasingly demanding in the quality, safety and certification of products. That’s the way it is,” mentioned Mr. Lu (26/01/2020).



(2005) We started our business and factory producing parts for chair manufacturers;
(2014) We Open Foshan Furniture (UNIGAMER) and we started to set sail in gaming chair manufacturing;
(2015) Domestic sales increased production and quality management and laid the foundation for global market development;
(2016) We expanded in Europe with premium quality, excellent after-sales service and competitive price;
(2017) New factory in Guangzhou, with a complete chain of HW, injection and assembly;
(2018) We signed as the only official gaming chair sponsor with WESCO (World University Esports);
(2019) We developed several global areas bringing innovative design with more ergonomic solutions;
(2020) We built the 3rd factory and achieved a sales growth of 300% against the economic recession;
(2021) We have over 500 professionals and reached 80,000 pieces produced per month;
(2022) New Website and New Year under development. More news will come!

To read more about the company news, please visit this link.

It is a registered trademark of Foshan Unique Furniture Co Ltd. The code name UNIGAMER means that the company develops products for the Unique Player. Each person has the right to have their own products, with unique settings that can be adapted to their body, personality and lifestyle. The company thought that we can customize and adapt to each person to make life simpler and better.