Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping methods are available?

We can ship your goods by different methods.

Different freight forwarder solutions from air, sea or even rail freight, and many companies can give you the best quote for your container

If you already work with a freight forwarder, please make sure to ask our sales team about the logistics details regarding your order, in continuation to get the right quote and clear customs.

How long it will take to get my container?

After we confirm the payment of the products. The production date of the products or the stock in the warehouse will be available for delivery.

Please check with the corresponding logistics carrier for the waybill and tracking number.

Remember: For estimated delivery time or location tracking of your order, please check with the logistical service you hired.

what payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments by bank transfer form. The terms and conditions can be negotiated with our sales and support team.
Note: Always remember to send a copy of the proof of payment and an email from your bank to us at the time of any transfer.

How about the warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, if any chair parts are broken, we will give you some free parts for replacement. But in any case, please contact our sales assistant to find out more about our guarantees.

What means OEM and ODM?

According to the definition in the Cambridge Dictionary, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer“, it is “a company that makes parts and products for other companies which sell them under their own name or use them in their own products: Many manufacturers are producing auto parts on an OEM basis; OEM customer/manufacturer/partner;“.

On the other side, we have the ODM that stands for “Original Design Manufacturer“, which refers to a company that has specific expertise capabilities to design, develop, manufacture, enabling them to design and manufacture products for the customer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

While OEM is often referred to as a service, ODM is referred to as a product. The products an ODM creates are typically rebranded (white label / private label) by a customer and sold. An ODM regularly designs and develops products independently, or in collaboration with a client.
As we described previously, this is ideal if you really have the best product idea but are still looking to develop a partnership with a company like UNIGAMER to design and test the product under your brand.

What means Private label or white label?

Private label means the same as “White Label”.

It is probably the easiest practice to buy products already made and simply add your brand or team logo and the colours to the product. This is a very common practice, especially for startup companies or small businesses, for eCommerce. If you are interested, be sure to contact us.

Extended or specific?

We exist to help you develop your project or idea. Whether it is a large and large project (for several locations worldwide), or a smaller project (dedicated to certain countries or specific areas/regions, with a more unique or limited production).

Regardless of the type of project you want, it will be possible to select equipment from our hundreds of existing models, various materials, colours, textures, patterns, functions, etc., which we can follow your main idea and adjust to your criteria.

By starting a project with us, we commit to access to our machinery, monitoring of product development, selection of spare parts, access to our wide portfolio of raw materials, as well as close cooperation with our entire team of accredited technicians.

what is an Extended project?

It means you will have a wide target, and you can save time and money as you will have an extended production run.

You can use our patented models with different sizes and customize some aspects. The materials and spare parts are very easy to change and adjust.

Although our equipment portfolio is quite extensive (every year we develop new models) the extended projects are the most common and chosen by customers, where similar equipment can exist in different countries of the world, what differentiates is your own brand identity and your own customization. If you want to minimize risk or want to create or establish your own brand, this is the type of project we recommend picking. It is the ideal project, with easier and safer moving forward.

On the other hand, if you desire to make a project from scratch and have an identity product (according to your R&D idea), we recommend the unique project, and these will have a special design/engineering structure application.

If you agree with this type of project and verify that is the business you want for your company and your gaming brand, please contact our support team by clicking here.

what is an Specific project?

Is an independent and specific project for your targeted customers.

We can also assist to develop your project in different phases (analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, production and maintenance). In cooperation with our secret R&D lab, we will try to achieve our best budget and work with the best raw material suppliers, accredited to various international bodies to provide the Quality, Reliability and Safety that your budget can accept.

We often undertake OEM or ODM projects for some gaming brands and esports teams. And ODM projects are typically used for the most functional innovation, creativity and promising ideas. If you are looking for the next generation of gaming chairs or gaming desks, this is the type of project where your brand can make a difference in the market. Please contact our support team assistant by clicking here.

What are the main key topics?

We will try to achieve our best quote for your project, and before we take quotations on specific or extensive projects, ODM or OEM, we should analyse some topics “time” and “scope”, and according to::

A. Budget/cost:
– More expensive;
– More economic;

B. Design/Operations:
– Your unique and original design;
– Using our wider portfolio design;

C. Production time/schedule:
– Slower;
– Faster;

D. Quality;
– Better Grade level;
– Lower Grade level;

E. Technical specifications/resources;
– More complete (more functions);
– Simpler (basic);

F. Certifications standards (if mandatory);
– Tailor-made certifications, depending on the countries or regions;
– Without certifications (you can handle or not);

G. Type of materials selected;
– Sources and transformation;

Can I order a sample?

Yes! If you have a project to build a gaming chair for your company, brand or your team, you can contact us to request a quote. Please remember to send all the details about you and your company to our sales assistant. Contact us here.

The charge for the sample is the same as the unit price. To be ready, it’s around 7 days.

How do I place a order?

We have two options.

First, register your company on our website with your company information, where you can quickly access all technical documentation, prices, photos, and other materials or resources exclusively for companies and brands.
The other option is to visit our contact section and contact our sales and support team directly, however this option does not give access to the website area. To access, you will always have to manually register your company.

How can I cancel or change my order?

Simply contact our sales support team through the usual communication channels. Visit the contact section.

Do I need an account to place order?

Yes, whenever we check your company, you will have a dedicated member of our team to answer all your questions. We will be committed to give our technical support to your company to improve your sales on gaming equipment, gaming chairs, gaming desks, as well as other products.

How can I return a product?

We recommend that you check locally with your dealer and or shipping insurance in case you find one or more products that may be defective in the meantime.
If you find products with a severe manufacturing defect, they may be subject to a technical inspection.
Please send us as much documentation as possible (photos / videos) so that we can contact our quality department (QA), to compare it with our photos and video Database, recorded during the specific production of your order, and at the same time resolve your issue as urgently as possible.

Do you accept OEM orders?

Yes, we accept OEM orders, ODM orders or IDH orders. We will also help you protect your margins as we have a wide range of options. If there are two or more customers in the same market, we will share unique models to each customer, so there are no conflicts of interest.


Unigamer is a brand?

No. We are a factory using a name to promote our sample products to other brands around the world. People know UNIGAMER for making exclusive unique products for gaming brands, so we joined the words and call “UNIGAMER“.

Do you attend on exhibitions, events, trade fairs?

Yes! We have been in many trade shows and events all over the world to promote our manufacturing and OEM, ODM services.

We usually register with the original company name “Foshan Unique Furniture” but people always look for us has “UNIGAMER”. There are many trade shows such as Canton Fair, Global Sources, HKTC, Computex, CES, IFA, GAMESCOM, CIFF, and other furniture and gaming events around the world.

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