Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping methods are available?

We offer various shipping methods for your goods, including air, sea, and rail freight through different freight forwarders. These companies can provide you with the best quote for your container.

If you already have a preferred freight forwarder, please be sure to inform our sales team so that we can provide you with the necessary logistics details for your order and ensure that you receive the correct quote and clear customs smoothly.

How long it will take to get my container?

Once payment for your products has been confirmed, the production date or stock availability for delivery will be provided. Kindly contact the relevant logistics carrier for the waybill and tracking number. Please note that for estimated delivery time or location tracking of your order, you should check with the logistics service for more information.

what payment methods are accepted?

We offer multiple payment options to our customers, including bank transfers. Our sales and support team can discuss and negotiate the terms and conditions of the payment with you.

Typically, we require a 30% T/T deposit and the remaining 70% before shipment. However, we are open to other payment terms such as L/C, Cash, Western Union, and trade assurance on Alibaba. We accept various delivery terms such as FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, CIP, FCA, DDP, and Express Delivery. Accepted payment currencies include USD, EUR, and CNY.

Please ensure to send us a copy of the proof of payment and an email from your bank at the time of transfer

How about the warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty on our products. If any parts of the chair are found to be broken during the warranty period, we will provide you with replacement parts free of charge. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please contact our sales assistant for more information.

What means OEM and ODM?

According to the definition in the Cambridge Dictionary, the term OEM, which stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” refers to a company that produces parts and products for other companies to sell under their own name or incorporate into their products. Conversely, ODM, or “Original Design Manufacturer,” refers to a company with specific expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing products for a customer or OEM. This is the ideal approach if you require customized products and design expertise.

As we described previously, this is ideal business if you really want to create and develop a product idea but you still looking to develop a partnership with a company manufacturer, like UNIGAMER, to design and test the product under your brand.

What means Private label or white label?

Private label and White Label are interchangeable terms.

Private label or White label refers to a product manufactured by one company and sold by another under a different brand name. The product is essentially the same, but the branding, packaging, and labeling are customized to the specifications of the company that is selling it under its own name. In other words, a private label or white label product is produced by one company but marketed and sold by another company as its own product. This allows businesses to offer a wider range of products without having to develop them from scratch.

One of the simplest ways to get products for your brand is to buy pre-made items and customize them with your logo and colours. This practice is widely used, particularly by small businesses and startups in the eCommerce industry. If you’re interested to develop your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Extended or specific?

Our goal is to assist you in bringing your project or idea to life, regardless of its size. We can handle large, multi-location projects or smaller, location-specific projects with limited production runs.

We offer a wide range of options to choose from, including hundreds of existing equipment models, various materials, colours, textures, patterns, functions, and more. We can tailor our offerings to meet your specific requirements and bring your vision to reality.

When you engage us for a project, you’ll have access to our machinery, and we’ll provide ongoing monitoring and support throughout the development process

what is an Extended project?

Choosing an extended production run means you can reach a wider audience and save valuable time and money. Our patented models come in different sizes, and we can customize certain aspects to meet your specific needs. Our materials and spare parts are also easily interchangeable and adjustable.

While our equipment portfolio is quite extensive, with new models developed every year, extended projects are the most common and preferred by our customers. Similar equipment can exist in different countries around the world, with the only difference being branding and customization. This is the ideal project for those looking to minimize risk and establish their own brand.

If you’re looking to create a unique product according to your R&D ideas, we recommend a unique project with a specialized design and engineering structure.

If you’re interested in this type of project and believe it’s the right fit for your gaming brand and company, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team by clicking here.

what is an Specific project?

Is an independent and specific project for your targeted market / customers.

We can help you through all stages of your project, including analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, production, and maintenance. Working with our secret R&D lab, we strive to achieve the best budget and source raw materials from accredited international suppliers to ensure quality, reliability, and safety.

We frequently take on OEM or ODM projects for gaming brands and esports teams. Our ODM projects prioritize functionality, innovation, and promising ideas. If you’re looking to create the next generation of gaming chairs or desks, this is the type of project where your brand can stand out in the market.

To learn more about our capabilities or to discuss your unique project needs, please contact our support team by clicking here.

What are the KEY main topics ON THIS BUSINESS?

We strive to provide the best quote possible for your project. Before we provide quotes for specific or extensive projects such as ODM or OEM, we conduct an analysis of certain topics such as “time” and “scope.” We consider the following factors:

A. Budget/cost (options):

  • More expensive
  • More economic

B. Design/Operations:

  • Unique and original design
  • Similar or repeated portfolio design

C. Production time/schedule:

  • Slower production time
  • Faster production time

D. Quality:

  • Better grade level
  • Lower grade level

E. Technical specifications/resources:

  • More complete specifications (more functions)
  • Simpler specifications (basic)

F. Certifications standards (if mandatory):

  • With tailor-made certifications – depending on the countries or regions
  • Without certifications (you can handle them later if you need them)

G. Type of materials:

  • Sources and transformation.

Can I order a sample?

If you’re interested in building a gaming chair for your company, brand, or team, feel free to reach out to us. The cost will be the same as the unit price. To get started, please provide all the necessary details about your company to our sales assistant.

Please note that it typically takes us around 7 days to get everything ready.

How do I place a order?

We offer two options for placing an order with us:

Option 1: Register your company with all of your company information. By doing so, you’ll have quick access to all technical documentation, pricing information, photos, and other exclusive materials and resources specifically designed for companies and brands.

Option 2: Visit the contact section on our website and get in touch with our sales and support team directly.

Please note that this option does not grant access to exclusive areas. If you’d like to access that area, you’ll need to manually register your company.

How can I cancel or change my order?

If you need to get in touch with our sales support team, you can do so easily through our usual communication channels. To find out more about how to contact us, please visit the contact section on our website.

Do I need an account to place order?

We’re happy to assign a dedicated member of our support team to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Our goal is to provide excellent technical support. We are committed to helping your company succeed!

How can I return a product?

If you happen to receive a defective product, we recommend that you first check with your local dealer and/or shipping insurance. In the event that you do discover a product with a serious manufacturing defect, it may be subject to a technical inspection.

To expedite the resolution of your issue, please send us as much documentation as possible, such as photos and videos. Our quality department (QA) will compare this documentation with our photos and video database, which were recorded during the production of your specific order. This will enable us to address your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you accept OEM orders?

We are happy to accept OEM, ODM, or IDH orders from our clients. In addition, we are committed to helping you protect your margins by offering a wide range of options. If there happen to be multiple customers in the same market, we will ensure that each customer has access to unique models to avoid conflicts of interest.

Unigamer is a brand?

Unigamer is not actually a brand, but rather our R&D team uses this name/logo to promote our design sample products to other brands around the world. Our factory is well-known for creating exclusive and unique gaming products for various brands, and that’s why we chose to combine the words and call ourselves “UNIGAMER”.
Our focus is only B2B for professional companies and businesses


We are a Manufacture. Our company is registered under the name “FOSHAN UNIQUE FURNITURE CO. LTD” with the code number 91440606MA5273PJ9Q.

If you’re interested in visiting our facilities and conducting a business inspection, please schedule a visit with our sales team through the contact section on our website. We’d be happy to accommodate your request!

can I change the colour?

Yes, you can customize the products as you wish.

can I change the size of the product?

Yes. We offer standard sizes for all of our products, but we can also create custom sizes to meet your specific requirements. We are always open to accommodate any changes you may need.

Do you attend exhibitions, events, and trade fairs?

Absolutely! We’ve been actively promoting our factory and OEM/ODM services by participating in trade shows and events across the globe.

Although we’re registered under the name “Foshan Unique Furniture,” we’re commonly known by our brand name, “UNIGAMER.” We attend numerous trade shows, including the Canton Fair, Global Sources, HKTC, Interzum, Orgatec, NeoCom, Computex, IMM, CES, IFA, GAMESCOM, CIFF, and other furniture and gaming events worldwide.

To know more, read our news.