Logistics and Shipment

If you are already used to dealing with different suppliers in China, you can choose the following options:

Negotiate with your usual logistics operator;

Opt to ask us directly for a quote using our usual shipper;

If you are not used to dealing with suppliers in China, you can contact us directly for a quote;

Important Notes:

1. all products and packaging are checked in the shipping process, for which you can also contact your local agent or representative to survey and follow up the process;

2. Do not forget to get all the logistical data of the products (dimensions, weights and other technical data), so that everything can flow normally in the shipping process and customs with your order;

3. Don’t forget to ask for insurance so that your goods are guaranteed to be protected;

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Regarding shipping methods, we can do it in different ways, and it will depend on your options.

There are companies in China mainland and Hong Kong/Macau, and we can ship directly to your warehouse, or you can also come to our factory warehouse and pick up your order.

If your company is in a different country, it depends on the shipping methods available in your place. We can ship by air, sea or land, (airplane, train, boat or truck).

Important notes:

For shipping goods, please confirm with your agent or representative in China, and also with our support if all units are ready for shipment now;

We need to receive a copy of the proof of payment and also the confirmation of our bank about this payment, in the terms that were negotiated;

How Long Will It Take To Get My Container?

For the shipping time, you should check:

Is the shipment already checked by our support team?

When the goods were shipped?

Has our support team sent you the waybill with the tracking number?

Have you visited the official website of the shipping logistics company to track your container?

Important notes:

If there is a delay in processing from the factory to the carrier, please contact our support;

If there is a delay in shipment from the transport to your warehouse, please contact the logistics operator;


For any questions on this or any other subject, please contact our support.