Should I certify my furniture?

This is a very pertinent question when business representatives are starting a new project or expanding to a new country.

The answer is: it depends.

The truth is that all over the world, countries have different laws and requirements for the market. Consumers are also different, both economically and in their demands. Selling in Canada (North America) is not the same as selling in Timor-Leste (Oceania), Luxembourg (Europe) or Somalia (Africa). It all depends on what the local legal guidelines are, and it is better to respect the laws of each country, right?

Certifications are legal proof of testing documents, where consumers and companies give credibility to the brand and products. In terms of competitiveness, they are important because, in the process of choosing between two or more products, we usually trust the products that are legally certified as they promise to give us a greater guarantee of reliability and robustness over their lifetime.

If your products are certified and your competitor is not, it is up to you to analyse. You build your brand culture and your company can differentiate itself by demonstrating your commitment to understanding and excellence in your project. This will give you an advantage, which is particularly influential in competitive markets. As a result, our tables and chairs meet the requirements of EN1335-2-3, SGS, and BIFMA. Can also be accredited or verified by independent laboratories such as ANSI, TUV, UL, and many others.

Unlike the poor dummy quality products, which are not certified, that you will find in many other distributors, agents and factories, they may be cheap but have no documents showing how they have been tested and what quality parts or materials have been implemented.

Certification can motivate because for each type of product it is possible to check how the quality tests have been carried out.

Certified products are more expensive?

Yes, it is true. The certification has to be paid for additionally.

But the added value is the guarantee of the quality that the customer buys. On the other hand, brands can increase their status and sales profit.

The brands that have more quality are the most famous, and they will be the ones that make more certifications on their products.

A good and practical example worldwide is the Apple brand. However, due to the socio-economic conditions of each country or the average price of office furniture or gaming equipment, with certification possibly for the distributor is more complicated to sell.

Please contact us so that we can manufacture the most suitable solutions for your market, as we have lower prices with the same levels of construction quality and materials. You choose.

What are the BIFMA Standards?

Office furniture industry standards are managed by BIFMA. This is the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. Their job is to ensure that office furniture develops, maintains, and publishes safety and performance standards.

Unfortunately, these standards are voluntary, so retail shops with cheap products don’t comply with them. This may not matter as much with desks and shelves, but it does when it comes to office chairs. Ignoring standards and certifications means that these companies that produce cheap office and gaming chairs are only meant to be used for a few hours and, for sure, leave their customers in pain.

There are many things that BIFMA addresses when deciding whether to certify office furniture. These include:
• Safety
• Sustainability and social responsibility
• Durability and strength
• Recyclability and recycled content
• Chemical content and emissions
• Reliability
• Overall quality
• Flammability and electrical components
• Material and energy efficiency
• Environmentally-conscious design
• Waste and water management

Where can I find out more about UNIGAMER’s commitment?

UNIGAMER is committed to producing quality products based on safety, design and professionalism.

This is demonstrated by:

• our human resources;
• the product design;
• the materials we use;
• the certifications;
• our service;

You can read more about the history and values of the UNIGAMER and our standards.