The Smart Chair with AI. Do you know it?

The BackRobo chair it’s an ergonomic office chair combining automatic lumbar following system and sedentary management. The ultimate smart sitting experience is here, ready for your market.

The revolutionary reimagining of the classic ergonomic office chair. With its active lumbar adjustment, this smart chair offers a personalised and dynamic fit, catering to a wide range of body types. Indulge in supreme comfort and elevate your seating experience to new heights.

Automatic lumbar following system

To ditch the hassle of manual adjustments found in traditional ergonomic chairs. The Air Smart Chair ingeniously utilizes air chambers to effortlessly fine-tune the gap between your waist and the backrest. Experience seamless comfort as the chair adapts to your unique needs with ease.

Dynamic ergonomics

Experience optimal cushioning and support with the flexible design of the Air chamber. It conforms perfectly to the contours of your back, providing customised comfort whether fully inflated or partially deflated. The U-shaped design offers ergonomic support for your waist, spine, and sides of your back, ensuring maximum comfort and relief during long periods of sitting. 

The advanced sensors ensure precise adjustments to your sitting position and angle, providing optimal lumbar support as the air chambers adapt. Enhance your experience further by inputting your height and weight in the BackRobo app for personalised support.

With its innovative dual-mode system, you have the freedom to choose between automatic and manual adjustment of the lumbar support. Customise your seating experience by manually adjusting the distance between the lumbar support and the backrest, giving you complete control over your comfort.

Smart System

The Air Smart Chair keeps a watchful eye on your sitting time and uses inflation and deflation to remind you to stand up after an hour. Even if you choose to remain seated, the chair provides a two-minute waist exercise to relieve spinal pressure that effectively alleviates pain.

The video

Watch the BackRobo chair video to know more about the features of this chair.

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