UNIGAMER cooperates with your brand and company to help your business expand. Our commitment is on each deal.

Several brands approach us about many business concerns, and we have many stories to share.

In the business world, there is everything. We can find good, but also bad deals.

From the deliveries that have not been made, payments not recovered, products that arrive spoiled, late deliveries, and failures in quality control and safety. How many quality promises do some companies make, and then it’s not the product it seems?

It is better to keep investing in a relationship with a partner who, despite being cheap, leaves you with failures and your business hanging in the balance?

We all know that the customer is the soul of each business and we, more than anyone, know that have to take care of them. It is our image and reputation that is at stake.

In the hour of truth, UNIGAMER is here to assume all the commitments we negotiated with each one, of the hundreds of clients and brands we have, and that we maintain every year, even in times of crisis.
We are constantly studying the market to give our customers the best offers and market trends.

We make cooperation projects that allow us to give exclusive solutions to the most demanding brands.

Are you still looking for the OEM, or ODM partner for building chairs and furniture tables?
UNIGAMER is the right place.

We have years of experience in cooperation with different designers that allow us to make projects from scratch.

We guarantee that the projects can exceed the international standards and regulations of each country according to the health, hygiene, and safety of the equipment. We also take care of our workers and use materials that are environmentally friendly and respect nature. We also have a reputable list of suppliers of raw materials that meet the highest environmental and health standards.

We want to guarantee the total satisfaction of each piece we produce, in each moment of production. All must exceed the expectations generated, and we pay attention to detail to produce the most perfect products, even those that are more handmade and personalized to each user.

We work with a focus on our customers and for each partner to have sales success we ensure that the business is sustainable. What we want is to have satisfied and happy customers.

When you visit the factory you will be able to observe the construction process of each component, and in addition, you can configure the parts that make up the furniture tables and chairs according to your needs or ideas. You can also apply your brand and logo in different areas or even make moulds according to your needs. We have more than 18 plastic injection machines available for your project.

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