UNIGAMER gaming chair experience review

For this review, we will do the gaming chair model 0015 (later referred to as the gaming chair).

Thinking back, how many peripherals have been created because of the word “gaming” ?

The answer is: almost all computer peripherals can have the word “gaming” added to them, such as gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming monitors, gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and even gaming mousepads, etc. Based on this, it should not be unusual for a “gaming chair” to be born in the industry!


First, when I first saw this gaming chair, the first word that came to mind was “ritual”. Perhaps because I have seen too many gaming players using gaming chairs for gaming, I always unconsciously bring myself into that gaming atmosphere. It’s like a warrior who gets his weapon and feels the urge to go into battle and kill the enemy.

Secondly, the two-tone design with simple symmetrical lines and the shape of the product, which looks like a “racing chair”, makes you want to “drive” it. Of course, it’s a gaming chair, we can’t drive it like a racing car, but it can be one of the peripherals for gaming.

We’ll briefly skim over the exterior, which can be seen in the pictures. But we need to look again at the materials used in the gaming chair, which is where many gaming chair brands are most likely to cut corners.

The materials used in a gaming chair should be seen from the bottom up.

Air pressure bar and explosion-proof plate

The air pressure bar is a piece of the main look at its level number, three or more than three levels of security is higher, and we review this UNIGAMER 0015 gaming chair is four levels (the higher the level of security). The explosion-proof panel is the part that is there.


The foam of the cushion is very elaborate, some low-end gaming will use some second-hand sponge or take it back for secondary processing later, essentially still second-hand; while a slightly better gaming chair brand will use the first-hand sponge, a large piece of sponge cut into the shape needed for the gaming chair.

UNIGAMER’s foam is a little different, it is through a certain ratio of materials, in the mould-directly foam moulding, no cutting steps, so in terms of material stability and unity, in the mould, direct foam moulding will be more advanced.


The height of the backrest of the gaming chairs is much higher than the conventional chairs, extending directly to the top of the head. So the curve of the chair backrest requirements are very high, otherwise, if it does not fit the curve of the back, then sitting will not be comfortable, here are the ergonomics of the talk.


As for the wheels, armrests and so on, I will not go into them one by one, in short, the gaming chair looks simple behind, but there are still a lot of doorways.

What does a gaming chair bring to the table?

First, the visual gaming chair is more in line with the state of the player when the game. For example, we are now reviewing this, it is designed with the immersive experience of the gamer in mind, giving a strong wrapping, which is not comparable to other types of chairs.

Secondly, the gaming chair is truly an ergonomic chair, which is the core key to differentiating it from ordinary chairs.

Gaming chairs take full account of the feeling of human sitting, in the head, human lumbar spine, shoulders, arms, and hips on the major physiological structure carefully designed to allow gamers to relieve the discomfort and fatigue caused by sitting for a long time.

Take the example of an editor like me who has been sitting in the office writing articles, although I do not play games, but sitting in front of the computer for a longer time compared to gamers, only longer. So, the biggest feeling this gaming chair gives me is that “my back doesn’t hurt as much”!

The reason for this lies in the design of the gaming chair’s lumbar support, it can be fully against my waist, there is support, and even I can also originally waste the need to bear the force, part of the lean on the gaming chair, so naturally not tired.

In addition, the gaming chair is more secure than a normal seat.

Gaming chairs can also be used as office chairs

At present, there are already many companies that choose gaming chairs as office chairs. In particular, in the “consumer electronics” magazine interview in early September the company “to draw”, their business all the employees are all standard gaming chairs, including the boss is also the same.

The reason is simple, the first is because of “handsome”, and the second is because of “comfortable sitting”.

The above for this situation can also prove from the side that “gaming chairs are no longer exclusive to gamers”. I am also the same, in writing this review between before in a number of times to consider whether to buy a gaming chair for the home to use, the reason is the same as said above.

In fact, this gaming chair I have been experiencing this for a very long time, and I never use it as a gaming chair, use it as my office chair for work is also good, at least the back is not so painful (because of the lumbar support).


The gaming chair is a new thing that can be born with hot gaming if it’s lucky. Imagine, if there is no high-speed development in the gaming industry today, the gaming chair to go much more than the road now. Fortunately for us too, we were able to experience many of the hardware peripherals only available to esports players for a mere fraction of the cost. And, as I mentioned earlier in the article, with the abundance of gaming peripherals available today, even a mouse pad can be called a “gaming mouse pad”, so accepting a chair as a gaming chair shouldn’t be a problem! Besides, it does enhance the sense of quality of life!