B2B Livestream 20 December

We are about to start a new live broadcast, click here to watch!

Every day in our personal or professional lives, we go through decisions. Sometimes they are carefully thought out and other times they are impulsive.

Based on this premise, UNIGAMER’s business development team will be able to help you make the best choices for the creation or acquisition of furniture products in your market. We can provide statistical information on international sales and recommend the new trends in office and gaming chairs and tables, namely the ULTIMATE series, leather chairs and the smart chair.

During the B2B Livestream which will take place on 20 December at Alibaba marketplace, we will talk about unpacking, installation and operation, as how we develop product design, and so that existing problems can be solved and win new business. This broadcast will follow the schedule for:

New Zealand 20:00
Australia (Canberra) 18:00
Japan, Korea 16:00
Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia 15:00
Indonesia, Thailand 14:00
India 12:30
Emirates 11:00
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Russia (Moscow) 10:00
Italy, France, Poland, Germany 8:00

Argentina 4:00

PS: We will have a special discount for all customers watching this live stream event.
On the other hand, we will have a BIG Discount for those hardy customers who watch us at 4 am from Argentina, (with a company registered in that country). This will be an extra way to celebrate the recent victory in the men’s senior football world cup, recently held in Qatar..

To watch the live, click on this link.
To get in touch with the Business Development team, please visit this page.