Journey of Joy, into the future

In the last days of February, our company decided to travel to the point that will be the future of the company. Our mega factory.

On the morning of departure, we felt that spring was coming. The sky was clear, and the mist was starting to lift. We set off on a group trip with teams from our corporate group companies, and it was great excitement in the journey ahead.

It lasted about 2 hours until we reached the city of Zhaoqing, a place of good intentions that welcomed us to bless the families of Pure Faith and Unigamer.

We started by visiting the Antelope Gorge Forest Park, where the legend says an immortal sheep came down from heaven. Falling in love with the beauty of the West River, she wanted to stay on the banks of the river, eternally transforming herself into a mountainous Antelope.
We hiked as a team through the gorge which is about 9km long, by the Xijiang River. We appreciated the spirit of the ancient pioneer peoples who crossed the river and built bridges to connect the two banks. And now, as if the past is present, the teams of Pure Faith and Unigamer also intend to take those steps to connect bridges between different places.

The next stop was the Duan Yan Chinese Museum. Zhaoqing is famous for its Duan Yan, one of the four treasures of the literary world, and deserves to be known for being one of the top 10,000 inkwells.
We had the opportunity to display our collective banner to record the photographic moment and commemorate the occasion. Continuing our visit, we came across a drum-shaped inkwell and a ‘dragon in full bloom’, we were deeply impressed. If the stone alone is impressive enough for being 30 Tons and a result of nature’s art, then the Dragon sculpture is a masterpiece of human ingenuity. From quarrying the stone to maintaining the material to designing, carving and waxing the stone, it takes perhaps years to design and produce the ink stone. The persistence and tenacity of the Pure Faith elite are more or less the same as this craftsmanship! We will continue to polish and refine each day to make a difference!

After a brief break, the family walked to Qixing Yan’s Oriental Square to begin the official group-building session, where everyone was divided into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and embarked on a relaxing bike ride. With the scenery of Seven Star Lake, we formed a U-shaped group photo, the U stands for United and Unique, and Pure Faith we are a special united force.

The bike army continued its march and arrived at the imposing Seven-Star Rock pagoda, which was set off by some red cottonwood trees, making it even more dignified. Everyone lined up in four rows according to the four stations for another group photo.

We headed to Bohai Park to complete the tasks and when we reached a quiet platform by the waterfront, we stood in the formation of the teams to briefly understand the rules of the construction project.

The project seemed simple, but it was a great test of the group’s efficiency and tacit understanding. In the end, the “Spring” team won by an overwhelming margin. The sunset gave us a good backdrop to collect another photo.

The Seven-Star Lake Area, which combines the “mountains of Guilin and the waters of Hangzhou” in one place, looked even more enchanting at night.
We took advantage of the moment so that everyone could enjoy singing into the night.

On the last day of the event, we walked along the “Great Old Wall” of the Song Dynasty and reached the base of the Chaotianmen section of the wall, where we observed the mottled gates and touched the foundations of the age-ploughed earth.
After some group photos, we climbed the wall and looked up at the Peiyun Building not far away, which is known as “the first southern state to lead the clock”. This monument is a place of “prosperity” and “Hongfu”. We wish all the company members good luck in the Year of the Tiger!

Finally, we also had the opportunity to visit the Wanda National Resort, which cost about 10 billion, to learn about the future planning of the entire city, transportation, education and medical facilities of the new Dinghu area.