Earth Day 2022

Today is a big day for all of us, On 22 April, we celebrate Earth Day.

Do you know that our office chairs or gaming chairs are eco-friendly because our customers can opt for recyclable materials? Yes!
We have hundreds of types of materials that you can build on your own OEM, or ODM project, for your brand.
More and more customers are opting for sustainable leathers, which have a minimal impact on animals and nature.
In addition, UNIGAMER is a maker of all chair parts and components, which means that when your end customer has a problem, with a spare part, we can easily help him to fix and exchange it. The old part can be changed and recycled.
This does not imply that your end customer has to buy a new chair, once again, and throw all chair parts away, making more waste volume and having a greater impact on our global nature.
If you need a bolt, a cushion, the armrest, the headrest, the base, or the wheels, we have all the materials ready to be replaced, at any time.
All the parts we produce are in configurable manufacturing.

Among the main materials that can compose the chairs, we have wood, iron, stainless steel, steel, biodegradable plastics, and vegetable leather, among many other options.

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Earth Day at Unigamer