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Product: Backrobo Smart Office Chair
Model: BC03Q
Color: (can be customised)
Pieces / ctn: request information
Price Conditions: Negotiable
Incoterms: FOB, EXW
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Negotiable
Sample: Yes, we can send.

How it works?

The air chambers adjust automatically to fit your sitting posture.

The Backrobo Platinum Edition Chair, BC03Q is a high-performance ergonomic office chair with an innovative AI system designed to provide maximum comfort and real lumbar support. Has a hot compress function, to relax your muscles completely, speed up your blood circulation and release waist fatigue.

This chair includes an intelligent synch-adaptive system for long working sessions. It’s made with a durable metal frame and features a high-density foam seat and backrest for added comfort, sourced from a well-known chemistry manufacturer, BASF.

The airly chair is a light luxury edition covered with soft premium PU leather, easy to clean, and resistant to wear and tear. It also features adjustable 3D armrests that can be moved up and down or rotated to provide optimal support for the arms and shoulders.

The BC03Q office chair also features a class-4 gas lift that allows for easy height adjustment, as well as a tilt mechanism that allows the user to adjust the angle of the backrest for maximum comfort

In addition to its comfort and functionality, the BC03Q also features a sleek, modern design that complements any working setup. It runs a body detection AI Chip and dynamic air that will flow through your lumbar area, and the waist system for free posture change. This means that the airbag will follow your body curve keeping away from spine injuries due to sedentarism.

We remember that according to a WHO survey, 70% of disease is related to human sedentariness which is gently said: “slow poison”.

It’s available in different colour options and, if you desire to customize it, according to your requirements or ideas, you can ask our sales team for the options available and a quotation.

The system is fully charged for up to 40 hours of constant work. A one-time charge for whole working days.

We have certified and developed partnership cooperation with different renowned companies. Those companies are the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality raw materials for plastics, metals, chemicals and coatings. We can design, transform and employ our meticulous craftsmanship for each OEM/ODM project, and at the same time, ensure honest environmental protection.

Overall, this Backrobo AI office chair is a great choice for the ones who want an innovative comfortable system, supportive, and stylish chair that can help them stay focused and relaxed during even the most extended working sessions.

Smart origin, synchrony-adaptive lumbar deluxe airly chair


Customized with Chip: 8 future seating technical features

ALSFS* Air lumbar support following system, which actively adapts to the lumbar curve.
Body-matching algorithm
Sedentary reminder
Smart APP support
Lumbar hot application
Safe magnetic charging
40 hours of super standby
Inspired space with 3 main colour options.

*Airly lumbar support the following system
*Data from Backrobo labs, actual use subject to different users.

Serious problem under sedentary behaviors.

According to WHO, 70% of the disease is related to sedentary lifestyle, which is called the “soft and slow poison”.
Some consequences are: hypomnesia, fatigue, insomnia, neck stiffness, lumbar intervertebral injury, fat accumulation in the waist and belly, slow intestinal peristalsis.

Can traditional chairs really say goodbye to sedentary illnesses?

Sedentary office workers sit under many different postures over time, but traditional ergonomic chairs do not always adapt to different body shape curves, once the sitting posture is changed, the poor rist state for the body due to lack of lumbar support during sedentary situation will continue to exist.

Lumbar Protection Initiative

Dynamic care for the sedentary body under different person curves and sitting postures

Considering the current deficiency of traditional ergonomic chairs, the Airly chair applies innovative design with a dynamic airbag to break the barriers of traditional chair, with the experience of improving human sitting posture and health.

The body passively follows or tries to adjust to the chair.The chair fits the body positively
Fixed ergonomic curveFlexible ergonomic curves
Manual adjustmentAI Automatic and manual adjustments
Static mechanical lumbarDynamic following lumbar support
No sedentary reminderSedentary reminder
No APPIntelligent APP control
No hot applicationLumbar hot compress

Break your imagination, enjoy the freedom

Escape from the earth’s surface.
Experience floating sensations of the cosmos apart from gravity
Relax completely physically and mentally

Willfully, Breakthrough and Subversion

Red lava: Relieve the power of exploring the cosmos;
Glacier Blue: enjoy the breeze of the sea wind;
Meteorite grey: feel the mystery of foreign visitors;

DELUXE Airly Chair

Break the boundaries of the sitting experience.

Dynamic or static specially customized for you.

  • Dynamic and innovative ergonomic design
  • An airbag that follows and provides lumbar support;
  • Suitable for different postures of people;
  • Health reminder for a sedentary lifestyle;
  • AI Chip: Intelligent adjustment;
  • Zero pressure comfort;

Quality and safety report + SRRC Safety report

Dynamic airbag to positively protect the waistline

Supported with a body AI detection chip: No worries about posture changes.

600KG of load capacity and 10 years* Life span

It actively adjusts the waist according to the curve of the waist, keeping away from waist/back injuries due to a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Data collected from Backrobo labs, actual subject for different users.

Hot application to the waist brings warm care.

The hot compression function completely relaxes the waist muscle and accelerates blood circulation, releasing waist fatigue.

Suspend recline, release all fatigue

120° large recline nap mode with multiple gears.
Simulate zero space gravity as per body curves, fit the chair into body curves, and completely stress release on average.

Experience the feeling of “floating” at will. Reclining 90º to 120º, 3D adjustable armrest, seat height range 7cm.

U Shape headrest with free side rotation

Curved headrest with extended width and height design, rotation until 40º and strong metal bracket for comfortable napping adjustment.
Removable headrest cover for easy cleaning, up and down range of 4cm.

Inspired in 3 colour options

Thousands of tests for exceptional quality

Several years with in-house R&D that went through a lot of trial to test, runs and improve, day and night

136 KG: Drop test

102 KG: Backrest static strength test

More than 1000 times: Airbag durability

More than 2000 times: Fabric friction test

Create all the details with craftsmanship

Special elastic linen fabric: Breathable, light-resistant and soft skin touch, no padding;
Class 3 explosion-proof gaslift: TUV certified, safety guaranteed;
ADC12 Aluminum alloy: Durable, sturdy for heavy-duty fastening;
Noise-free caster: Quiet, anti-scracth, flexible movement;
Integrated Seat: Invisible wire management for exceptional appearance design;
High-density cold-cure foam: Fit curve design, softness, resilience, no deformation.



Colours Availablerequest information
Head Rest Pillow?request information
Head Rest Adjustment?request information
Head Rest Heightrequest information
Head Rest Widthrequest information
Head Rest Thicknessrequest information
Head Rest Height Adjustmentrequest information
Head Adjustment Levelsrequest information
Head Height Rangerequest information
Head Rotation Adjustmentsrequest information
Head Surface Materialsrequest information
Removable Headrest?request information
Backside Frame Materialsrequest information
Backside Adjustment Levelsrequest information
Backside Height Rangerequest information
Backside Surface MaterialsLinen
Backside Length645 mm
Backside Width456 mm
Backside Thicknessrequest information
Backside Foam TypeMoulded foam
Backside Foam Density55 / 50
Lumbar Heightrequest information
Lumbar Widthrequest information
Lumbar Thicknessrequest information
Lumbar PillowYes
Lumbar Foam TypeMoulded Foam
Lumbar Foam Density55/50
Adjustable Lumbar Pillow?Yes
Removable Lumbar PillowNo
Seat Frame MaterialsPA
Seat Surface MaterialsLinen
Seat Foam TypeMoulded Foam
Seat Foam Density55/50
Seat Height465 to 545 mm
Seat Width480 mm
Seat Depth519 mm
Seat Thickness46 mm
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder (Class)Class 4, SGS Certified
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder Specifications80 mm
Tilt Angel LockerYes
Tilting range90 to 120 degrees
Floor to Seat base (mm)request information
Height Adjustment (mm)70 mm
Recline function?yes
Recline Angle30 degrees
MechanismButterfly (you can select)
Armrest type3D
Armrest MaterialsPU
Armrest to Floor638 to 778 mm
Armrest Length263 mm
Armrest WidthButterfly
Armrest Thicknessrequest information
Armrest Heightrequest information
Armrest to Seatrequest information
Base Diameter630 mm
Base Frame Coatingn/d
Base Frame MaterialsAluminium Alloy
Casters DiameterΦ65 mm
Casters MaterialsNylon
Caster Light Function?request information
Caster Lock Function?request information
Caster NoiseFlexible and noiseless
Caster Quantity5
RGB LED Light?request information
Ventilation System?request information
Massage System?request information
Software APP?request information
Warrantywhole chair 3 years warranty, electronic parts 1 year
CertificationsBIFMA, EN1335
Maximum Load Static1136
Maximus Load Dynamics136
Chair Size (DxWxH)737 x 670 x 425 mm (around, depending on full setup)
NET Weight (KG)19.5 KG (around, depending on the full setup)
Gross Weight (KG)24.5 KG (around, depending on the full setup)
Packaging Size: Depth x Width x Heightrequest information
Accessories:User Manual

N/D  = “Not Defined”;
Most of the options are customized and configurable.
You can configure and set it up in many ways, the values or descriptions will be different according to your requests


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