Adjustable Sliding Lumbar Task Office Chair Butterfly Design Series U-BH0021

Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair
Unigamer U-BH0021 Chair


Product: Office Chair
Model: U-BH0021
Color: (can be customised)
Pieces / ctn: request information
Price Conditions: Negotiable
Incoterms: FOB, EXW
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Negotiable
Sample: Yes, we can send.

Where Comfort Meets Innovation for Your Productivity.

Breathable Mesh Back: The chair features a breathable mesh backrest that keeps you cool and comfortable during long work hours, promoting better airflow and reducing the risk of overheating.

Adjustable Headrest Pillow (45 Degrees): Customise your support with a headrest that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees, providing ergonomic comfort and support for your neck and head.

Back Lumbar Support with Butterfly Shape: The lumbar support takes the form of a butterfly design, offering excellent support to your lower back and promoting proper posture.

Foldable Armrest Adjustability: The armrests are not only adjustable but also foldable, allowing you to find the perfect arm support while ensuring ease of movement when needed. Tailor your armrests to your desired height and angle, providing optimal support for your arms and shoulders.

Nylon Frame + Mesh, Up/Down Adjustment with 45° Rotation: This chair’s frame is made from durable nylon and mesh, which can be adjusted both up and down with a 45-degree rotation, allowing for a personalized fit.

PA+GF Frame, 3 Levels Height Adjustment with 6CM Range: The chair’s frame, made from PA+GF (Polyamide and Glass Fiber), provides sturdy support and can be adjusted to three different height levels within a 6cm range.

Chair Cover Material: Polyester Mesh and Fabric: The chair cover combines the breathability of mesh and the comfort of fabric, offering you the best of both worlds.

Molded Foam with 55/50 KG/M3 (Back): The backrest features molded foam with a density of 55/50 KG/M3, ensuring long-lasting support and comfort.

50MM Noiseless PU Caster: The 50mm noiseless PU casters allow for smooth, quiet movement across various floor surfaces.

2.5MM Butterfly Mechanism: The butterfly mechanism is designed for smooth and precise tilt adjustments, enabling you to find your preferred recline angle.

660MM Nylon Base: The 660mm nylon base provides stability and durability, ensuring the chair stands up to everyday use.

Tilt Angle Lock: Lock the tilt angle at your preferred position for enhanced comfort and concentration during tasks.

Class 3 Gas Lift: The Class 3 gas lift enables easy height adjustments, so you can find the perfect seating height for your workstation.

Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Cushion: With both the headrest and lumbar cushion being adjustable, you can fine-tune the support to match your body’s needs and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Maximum Load Static 850 KG; Maximum Load Dynamic 102 KG: This chair is built to support heavy static loads of up to 850 KG, making it exceptionally sturdy for long-term use.

Meets/Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards: Rest easy knowing that this chair meets or exceeds the stringent ANSI/BIFMA standards for quality, safety, and performance.

As manufacturer, Foshan Unique Furniture offers a complete OEM ODM service solutions.


Quick and easy to install. This product was developed for home and office use, and it was tested to support you all day long. With durability, safety and sustainability.



Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


2 Years


ISO 9001, ISO14001


Model NumberU-BH0021
Colours Availablerequest information
Head Rest?request information
Head Rest Adjustment?request information
Head Rest Heightrequest information
Head Rest Widthrequest information
Head Rest Thicknessrequest information
Head Rest Height Adjustmentrequest information
Head Adjustment Levelsrequest information
Head Height Rangerequest information
Head Rotation Adjustmentsrequest information
Head Surface Materialsrequest information
Removable Head Restrequest information
Backside Frame Materialsrequest information
Backside Adjustment Levelsrequest information
Backside Height Rangerequest information
Backside Surface MaterialsMesh
Backside Lengthrequest information
Backside Widthrequest information
Backside Thicknessrequest information
Backside Foam Typerequest information
Backside Foam Densityrequest information
Lumbar Heightrequest information
Lumbar Widthrequest information
Lumbar Thicknessrequest information
Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Lumbar Foam Typerequest information
Lumbar Foam Densityrequest information
Adjustable Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Removable Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Seat Frame Materialsrequest information
Seat Surface Materialsrequest information
Seat Foam Typerequest information
Seat Foam Densityrequest information
Seat Heightrequest information
Seat Widthrequest information
Seat Depthrequest information
Seat Thicknessrequest information
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder (Class)request information
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder Specificationsrequest information
Tilt Angel Lockerrequest information
Tilting rangerequest information
Floor to Seat base (mm)request information
Height Adjustment (mm)request information
Recline function? request information
Recline Anglerequest information
Mechanismrequest information
Armrest type3D
Armrest Materialsrequest information
Armrest to Floorrequest information
Armrest Lengthrequest information
Armrest Widthrequest information
Armrest Thicknessrequest information
Armrest Heightrequest information
Armrest to Seatrequest information
Base Diameterrequest information
Base Frame Coatingrequest information
Base Frame MaterialsFive-Star PA
Casters DiameterΦ60 mm 
Casters MaterialsPU
Caster Light Function?request information
Caster Lock Function?request information
Caster Noiserequest information
Caster Quantity5
RGB LED Light?request information
Ventilation System?request information
Massage System?request information
Software APP?request information
Warranty3 years
CertificationsANSI BIFMA / SGS
Maximum Load Staticrequest information
Maximus Load Dynamicsrequest information
Chair Size (DxWxH)request information
NET Weight (KG)request information
Gross Weight (KG)request information
Packaging Size: Depth x Width x Heightrequest information
AccessoriesUser Manual

N/D  = “Not Defined”;
Most of the options are customized and configurable.
You can configure and set it up in many ways, the values or descriptions will be different according to your requests


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