Kids Children Ergonomic Gaming Chair U-AS0032

Unigamer Chair U-AH0032
Unigamer Chair U-AH0032


Product: Gaming Chair
Model: U-AH0032
Color: (can be customised)
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Price Conditions: Negotiable
Incoterms: FOB, EXW
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Negotiable
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At Unigamer, we understand that even the youngest gamers deserve the best in comfort and support. Introducing the U-AS0032 the Kids and Children Ergonomic Gaming Chair, a perfect blend of innovative design and safety features tailored to the needs of your little ones.

Discover the Ultimate in Ergonomics:

Reliable Filling for Lasting Comfort: Whether your child is e-learning, doing homework, or enjoying games, our chair offers superior comfort. We’ve filled the entire upholstery with a generous amount of soft HR foam, ensuring that it remains plush and free from dents or deformations even after years of use. Your child’s comfort is always our top priority.

Modern Spine Support: The U-AS0032 comes equipped with an adjustable headrest to support your child’s cervical spine, promoting a healthy back posture during gaming or study sessions. The headrest, filled with soft HR foam, ensures that your little one’s head remains in a safe and comfortable position.

Lumbar Pillow for Optimal Support: Innovative lumbar support is integrated into the backrest, safeguarding your child’s lower spine and promoting a natural and comfortable sitting position. With adjustable height and soft HR foam filling, this chair helps protect your child from posture issues and discomfort.

Reliable Adjustment with Armtech™ Armrests: Our modern armrests feature reliable up-down adjustment, providing essential support to your child’s shoulders, forearms, and wrists. These armrests enhance posture and contribute to a safe and comfortable sitting position.

Tilttech System™ Butterfly: The U-AS0032 incorporates a modern height adjustment system, allowing easy customization of seat height to match your child’s desk. The backrest can be reclined up to 140°, and with the Tilttech™ Swing safety function, your child is in for a fun and ergonomic gaming experience.

Safety Comes First:

Reinforced Construction for Stability: Our chair features a sturdy five-pointed base and a reinforced structure, ensuring your child’s safety and stability even during intense movements. The chair’s reliable class 4 lift offers excellent cushioning with the built-in Air Damper™ System, while the PFC™ 360 65 mm casters protect your floor from scratches.

Built to Last: The U-AS0032 is certified with the BIFMA durability certificate, ensuring its exceptional quality, durability, and safety for years to come.

Top-Quality Upholstery:

Innovative 4th Generation HDS™ PU Leatherette: Our chair is upholstered with the fourth generation HDS™ leatherette, known for its durability, easy cleaning, and outstanding abrasion resistance. The strong stitching ensures that the leatherette maintains its perfect look over the years.

Dynamic and Expressive Design:

The Power of OneVision™ Design: The U-AS0032 boasts a dynamic design with a combination of deep black and expressive white, making it a stylish addition to any child’s room. Emblems and detailing on the grilles and upholstery add to the sporty, dynamic silhouette, creating a unique and individual character in your kid’s space.

Choose the U-AS0032 Kids’ Ergonomic Gaming Chair to provide your child with a gaming experience that is comfortable, safe, and filled with excitement. Trust Unigamer’s experience and innovation to make gaming an enjoyable and ergonomic adventure for your little ones.

As manufacturer, Foshan Unique Furniture offers a complete OEM ODM service solutions.


Quick and easy to install. This product was developed for home and office use, and it was tested to support you all day long. With durability, safety and sustainability.



Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


2 Years


ISO 9001, ISO14001


Colours Availablerequest information
Head Rest?Yes
Head Rest Adjustment?Yes
Head Rest Heightrequest information
Head Rest Widthrequest information
Head Rest Thicknessrequest information
Head Rest Height Adjustmentrequest information
Head Adjustment Levelsrequest information
Head Height Rangerequest information
Head Rotation Adjustmentsrequest information
Head Surface Materialsrequest information
Removable Head Restrequest information
Backside Frame Materialsrequest information
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Backside Height Rangerequest information
Backside Surface Materialsrequest information
Backside Lengthrequest information
Backside Widthrequest information
Backside Thicknessrequest information
Backside Foam Typerequest information
Backside Foam Densityrequest information
Lumbar Heightrequest information
Lumbar Widthrequest information
Lumbar Thicknessrequest information
Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Lumbar Foam Typerequest information
Lumbar Foam Densityrequest information
Adjustable Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Removable Lumbar Pillowrequest information
Seat Frame Materialsrequest information
Seat Surface Materialsrequest information
Seat Foam Typerequest information
Seat Foam Densityrequest information
Seat Heightrequest information
Seat Widthrequest information
Seat Depthrequest information
Seat Thicknessrequest information
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder (Class)
Class 4, SGS certified
Pneumatic Gas Lift Cylinder Specificationsrequest information
Tilt Angel Locker
request information
Tilting rangerequest information
Floor to Seat base (mm)
request information
Height Adjustment (mm)
request information
Recline function? Yes
Recline Angle
request information
Mechanismrequest information
Armrest type
request information
Armrest Materialsrequest information
Armrest to Floorrequest information
Armrest Lengthrequest information
Armrest Widthrequest information
Armrest Thicknessrequest information
Armrest Heightrequest information
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Base Diameterrequest information
Base Frame Coatingrequest information
Base Frame Materialsrequest information
Casters Diameterrequest information
Casters Materialsrequest information
Caster Light Function?request information
Caster Lock Function?request information
Caster Noiserequest information
Caster Quantity5
RGB LED Light?request information
Ventilation System?request information
Massage System?request information
Software APP?request information
Certificationsrequest information
Maximum Load Staticrequest information
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1 – The technical information may vary, depending on each personalised product model on each order;
2 – N/D = means “Not Defined”;
3 – Most of the functions are customised and configurable, even a design from the scratch, according to your requests;


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